Improve your copy
anywhere, instantly

Refinery's AI freshens up your copy and increases conversions.
Publish your edits and generate code faster than you can DM an engineer.

Refinery Website Editor - Improve your copy anywhere, instantly | Product Hunt

AI generated suggestions.

Use the Refinery chrome extension to see different angles without having to leave the page. Avoid writer's block forever.

Make edits directly in-browser.

Refinery makes editing your site as easy as editing a word document. Click what you want to edit and  change it.

Push changes live immediately.

Add the Refinery JS snippet to your web app and your changes go live to the world instantly. No more waiting for edits to be prioritized by engineering.

Automatically generate code.
coming soon

Fully close the loop by getting edits into your codebase. Refinery figures out which code needs to change and creates a pull request for engineering to review. Coming soon for React web apps.

A GitHub pull request showing the text change from above applied to the source code.

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